How to use My Career Planner!

My Career Planner is a self-guided exploration tool and yearly planner to help you discover your ideal career, develop career plans and take steps towards realising your ideal career.

The planner has two main parts. The first section contains self-reflection and scenario-based career planning activities. The answers to these activities help you to develop your career master and action plans.

The second section contains yearly, monthly and weekly calendars to help you stay organised, action your career plan and help you achieve your goals (just like a traditional diary or planner).

For best results, it’s intended that you spend time alone (distraction free) reflecting on the questions. This ensures that you can complete the activities authentically. It’s also important, to be honest with yourself. The activities and reflections in your planner are just for you. Answer them as YOU wish, not as you think you should to please others.

The goal setting and career planning process will only work if you complete the activities from start to finish in order. The activities have been specifically designed so you can get the best out of the scenario-based planning process. And of course, your career master plan will only be successful if you have the drive to implement it!